The Loved Object
Styling by Jennifer Schneider


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Summer Destination - Sorted

This is a summer go-to outfit that you can use year after year. With enough quirk in the accessories you can pull this bag out in 10 years and people will still love it. Slightly impractical it can only be used for those beach side vacations but isn't that exactly the right time?! No need to carry around your laptop, diary, book, phone, etc. etc. etc. I love to play with fun and more fashion vs practical pieces when on holiday! This is where you can live up your wardrobe fantasies in my books. 

These shoes are absolutely and totally divine. They remind me of something Sarah Jessica Parker would wear in an episode of Sex and the City and gets me super excited about outfit planning! Whenever I am feeling wardrobe drought or lack of inspiration, I turn to the genius work of Pat Fields on SATC and instantly feel warm, inspired and happy. Thank you Pat for a lifetime of inspiration and fashion joy!

Now for the top and trousers, fantastic together and equally as good apart. The top is that great neutral tone that works so well with your tan and fits in with any bottom option you can dream up, as long as the waist line is natural or exactly on your waist, no low slung options here! I also love the idea of this little top under a cargo green shirt or an oversize mens white shirt finished with a front knot or loosely buttoned and side tucked into a pair of trousers. 

Key take-away: Build more statement looks for holidays with separates that can be broken apart and worn multi-purpose to get continual and regular wear, for many years to come.