The Loved Object
Styling by Jennifer Schneider


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Rock'n Roll Lace

I love juxtaposition in my outfits, like this one with an ultra-feminine lace dress mixed with a classic leather biker jacket. It's the combination of the two pieces that makes this look so cool. Equally this look demonstrates how you can play with your wardrobe and take something out of context to get more use out of the pieces you already have.

I also love to pair high and low brands together, investing in long-term pieces and looking for savings or entry level prices for more trend or stand-out pieces that you cannot wear on regular repeat. A leather jacket, if well cut and perfectly fitted will last for years and be your go to jacket. It will have so many wears that its cost/wear will be minuscule making it a great investment piece.

Where as the dress, this one from Self-Portrait, is recognizable and the star of the outfit which means it is not something you can wear repeatedly to events without people noticing. So either invest in a show stopper that you are happy to pull out of the wardrobe once or twice a year or purchase a dress that fits well with good quality materials that you can wear for a few occasions and then happily pass along to your favourite consignment store to be further loved by a new owner. 

The great part of this outfit, is while it work well as a high and low combination, it also mixes style so you can really push the pieces to work hard for you, be it the dress or jacket. For example, the dress can always be worn in a more classically feminine sense with romantic tones and accessories. If you choose a more toned down white lace dress you can also pair it with a summer knit and daywear pump for the office or pull over a collared shirt and knot at the waist for a cool weekend look. You can really push its capabilities and get a lot of wear out of it too.

The lesson is to choose pieces that can work hard in versatile ways!