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Frill Seeker: How to Wear Ruffles

So you love the frill/ruffle trend, but think it's only for those 'fussy' girls? I say definitely not!

Check out this selection of frills and ruffles that show whatever your style, fashion tribe or occasion, there is a ruffle for you. 

A Little Ruffle

A simple ruffle, nothing statement making, something you can wear for years to come. With just a little bit of detailing, these pieces bring subtle interest to your wardrobe basics.

Ready For A Frill Adventure

You really love the trend and want to play with it but don't want to swap out your entire wardrobe to work in a frill here and there.

These pieces bring the wow but still work with all of the core basics you have been building into your closet (refer to Style Foundations: Part 2, The Basics here). 

The key is to be bold and make a statement but with classic shapes!

GUCCI  Frill-trimmed silk-georgette blouse.jpg
Giuseppe Di Morabito Ruffled Embroidered Skirt.jpg

Summer Frill

You only want to wear frills and ruffles for summer, to bring a little softness and whimsy to your look. I get it, I love the playfulness that summer brings to a wardrobe.

Here are some beach side and city options, from subtle to fashion statement. 

Black Tie Frill

You want frills in high doses, but once or twice a year, then black tie is a great option for you. Frills and ruffles are a long loved design feature of the great American eveningwear designers Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. One only needs a quick look through vintage images of style icons in their beautiful ensembles from these two houses to be totally inspired.

Here are some contemporary ruffled eveningwear looks that I am currently swooning over. 

Annabelle Wallis in Oscar de la Renta at the 2016 BAFTA Awards

Annabelle Wallis in Oscar de la Renta at the 2016 BAFTA Awards

I'm a Minimalist Friller

Ha! I've got you covered too. Sharp, clean and subtle.

Here are some great options for you from casual weekend to office appropriate. 

RACHEL COMEY  Georgia asymmetric-ruffled cotton-blend top.jpg

My Favourite Frill

This is one show stopper of a top by frill lover Rosie Assouline! It says wow, fully embracing the trend and marrying it with another big trend of the moment, red.

But, this top is also hugely versatile in terms of styling options, so you can get a lot of wear out of it. My personal golden rule! 

ROSIE ASSOULIN  Corkscrew ruffled-shoulder seersucker top.jpg