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Feminine & Business - Tory Burch's Style

Fashion Muse - Tory burch

Tory Burch, chief executive and creative director of her eponymous fashion company, has built her lifestyle brand into a $3 billion business since its foundation thirteen years ago. She began exploring the concept while looking for something chic but modern and cooler to wear as a mother in NYC, launching with tunic tops, which sold out instantly. 

Since then her role and 'uniform' has evolved to encompass her many hats including those as mother, head of her company and philanthropist. The brand understands the codes of boardroom dress and the requirements of busy working women and mother, and very consciously focuses on designs with feminine textures, prints and colours, sumptuous materials and womanly shapes that work well in business settings but also caters to, expresses and rejoices femininity. 

Tory as a powerful business woman presents her true self and celebrates her femininity. She has nailed the challenging harmony of business dress striking a perfect balance which inspires me. She is energetic, driven, compassionate and stylish and a fashion muse of mine. 

So how does Tory create a working wardrobe that celebrates her femininity in a business setting? Let's explore the codes of her style and discuss tips and tricks she implores.  

My top 5 take-aways from Tory's style:

1. Know yourself - classic shapes

You first need to know what garments work for your body shape and what looks make you feel great.

Most often you see images of Tory Burch wearing a silk or chiffon blouse with a pussybow collar and pencil-skirt. It is one of her key go-to outfits because it works for her.

She achieves a timeless and chic effect by using classic shapes. It also allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to her use of print and colour, both of which she loves and is often very adventurous with.

Note - A good tip is to have one part of your outfit classic and another adventurous. In contrast to Tory, if you prefer a monochromatic wardrobe perhaps you are more playful with shapes or proportions because your palette is neutral. Dressing is all about balance. 

2. Colours - Bold, neutrals, prints

Understand how colour makes you feel and look. If you love colour and print and find they energise you, learn your colouring (cool or warm) and look for them, taking point 1 into account.

Tory will often wear bright, bold, positive and energetic colours that match her sunny disposition and go getter attitude like here in playful orange. Above she exudes confidence and ease. 

Print and colour can help us feel a lot of different emotions and can be used to visually construct our image and how we want to be perceived. 

3. Choose what you love - FEMININE GARMENTS

Dress for how you want to feel, whether that is amazing, fantastic, powerful, approachable, etc. Whatever you want to portray or however you want to feel have go-to outfits ready in your arsenal that help you create this energy.  

Tory loves ultra feminine materials like chiffon and silk, which some would say don't match the macho boardroom persona often required in her role. The key is to wear garments that makes you feel powerful and feminine.

For Tory it is in a bold colourful print. By pairing a blouse with a matching skirt (both perfectly tailored) she shows she means business and you can bet it is on her terms. 

4. Comfort is important - KEEPING WARM

Do you love silk against your skin? Are you naturally cold? Do you love/hate wearing heels? What makes you comfortable? 

When the temperature drops, Tory uses layers like a timeless fitted roll-neck sweater under dresses or a fitted, clean-lined cardigan, and medium to thick density black tights.

She almost always wears block heel platforms, often open-toe Prada-esque ones, as they give weight to the light weight feminine garments.

Notes - Platforms are also great as they add height at a lower arch so it is more comfortable and impact when walking is absorbed by the thick sole. 

If you have 'real winters' and cannot wear open toe shoes to and fro, wear a block heel ankle or knee-height boot and then slip into your heels when you arrive at your destination. 


Don't be afraid to try something bold, especially when all the cards are on the table. Don't undervalue the impact of looking and feeling fantastic.  

Never one to shy away from colour and print, often mixed together, and almost always matching top and bottom, here Tory takes her daytime uniform and ups the ante. It was the day of her NYFW presentation and she needed to look fantastic. Think of it like a huge pitch day, every detail counts. 

This look is quintessentially Tory, her blouse and skirt uniform for power presentation - but in a tapestry inspired print making her look anything but classic and full of bold energy. 

The collection was inspired by Marrakesh and Chelsea, a true contrast in every way, and it hits the nail on the head in terms of how she approaches dressing and designs her collections. Mixing the classic Chelsea ladylike shapes with the textures, prints and colours of North Africa the collection is instantly modern, interesting, and a little bohemian.

Note - Adding in a jewelled velvet shoe gives a 1930s feel to the look, and three different references in one outfit is usually a winner (this tips also works for a room by the way).  

I hope you have enjoyed learning about and exploring the how to's in my first fashion muse post. To see more of Tory's style, visit my pinterest board that I created for her here. If there is anyone's wardrobe or style you would love me to decode just send me an email and I'll add it to the list! 

Until next time,