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Styling by Jennifer Schneider


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Best Dressed: Event Look for Under £150

A Watchful Eye

After a wardrobe detox session with a new client, I noted that she could use a good day event dress. While not high on the priority list, as workwear very much was the first priority, it was something I advised I'd keep an eye out for.

With everything you purchase, it is not about the price tag but rather the combinations of the parts; these being usefulness, quality, good design and individuality. The below ensemble illustrates this, in under £150. 


Marks & Spencer? 

While running errands one day, I popped into Marks & Spencer as I have been impressed with their recent campaigns and was intrigued to discover their new collection. And what did I find inside, the perfect day event dress for my client, a yellow sleeveless lace dress!

What Makes A Great Dress?

So, what made this £89 dress so great, besides the price? And what did we do to make it perfect?


Yellow Lace

First, the tone of this yellow is great for her golden honey hued skin, brown eyes and blonde hair. I personally could never pull off this colour with my bluish/pink skin tone, but for her it's perfect!

Reasonable quality lace on the high street is becoming readily accessible and Marks and Spencer is known for quality materials in basic shapes (look for cashmere in the winter months).

Good Design Lines

The beautifully cut sleeveless design makes an elegant and beautiful line. The shoulder is cut falling just over the shoulder vs a more sporty cut that you typically see at the moment. Small details like this are really what makes a difference when looking at high street while wanting a luxury look. 

A Great Fit

What we did to make the dress great was two part and involved a good tailored.

The waist is designed to be slightly dropped but was sitting too long on her waist and didn't work with her feminine curves. We had it raised to balance her hips and lengthen her legs. We also brought it in through the body to show off her waist line. She has great curves that were a bit lost in the loose drape of the design. The alterations were easy for the tailor as the seams were located at places easy to open up and adjust. Keep this in mind when looking at items that need tailoring. 

By raising the waistline this then made the hem of the dress fall perfectly at a mid-calf length. I chose this dress for the length because it can transcend numerous day party/event invitations and if needed to, could push to black tie with the right accessories.


Accessories Make or Break an Outfit

What made this dress extra special was the accessories. Typically you see a yellow dress styled with a nude shoe. But I wanted some energy and pizazz!

I paired the dress with a burgundy heeled sandal (note my favourite ankle strap) in VELVET! The combination of palette and materials took the outfit from good to WOW!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.50.42.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.35.03.png

Paired with a simple black leather clutch to ground the look. This outfit worked perfectly for her garden evening party. 

Best-Dressed Guest

My client called me after the party to share all the compliments she received. For me there is no greater compliment or reward than such a positive response as this! And she thinks she just might have been the best-dressed person there!

Now only if she had gotten a picture….